How can an agency start influencer marketing?

Are you a marketing/digital agency looking for new ways to introduce influencer marketing to your clients?

Wanna try this thriving marketing channel but still don’t know how?

Susurrus is offering a 45′ free influencer marketing consulting session customized for any marketeer that needs to dive into influencer marketing and learn all the secrets.

You will find answers to questions such as:

  • How can I find the ideal influencers for each of my clients?

  • How can I present all the needed influencer marketing data to my clients?

  • How can I create an influencer marketing plan for each of my clients?

  • How much do creators charge? What are the factors that affect their prices?

  • How can I restrict creators from working with the competitors of my clients?

  • and much more…

Let’s find out how your marketing agency can go to the next level!

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