Influencer Marketing & NGOs.

In our industry, one of the most common questions we receive is whether an NGO can do influencer marketing and how this case is different than the usual influencer marketing campaigns made by brands. The answer is that everyone can do it. From the smallest businesses to the world-famous brands and NGOs, as long as they have in mind some unwritten rules they must always pay attention to in order to complete the whole process smoothly.

How can influencers aid non-profits?


It is common for people to show “blind” trust in brand ambassadors, as they represent labels they trust and as a result prove the value of them and their products on a daily basis. This is why you should work closely with ambassadors .They can help you by showing their audience the importance of your purpose, which is something totally different from the usual promotional campaigns they do. It is very effective for an NGO which is beginning now or doesn’t have yet its own audience, as the creator will help in its recognition but also in gaining a potential public.


Many influencers have the ability to constantly attract the media to them. Usually, everything that has to do with their daily life, their routine, their actions and their beliefs is the reason that a blog post will increase the clicks on its website. If raising awareness is an important factor for your organization, choosing a media friendly creator is a good way to share your company’s motto and label. Unfortunately, by selecting these kind of influencers it’s very possible to gather followers and views but not necessarily the rich engagement and interaction that your NGO needs.


Influencer marketing in short, is the utilizaton of a creator with a loyal audience that fits your values. Everyone wants to be known for their good actions, positive energy and generosity, especially influencers. So it is easier than you may have thought, to find a creator to collaborate with as no one is gonna reject such a proposals, because he already knows that this is a win-win action..That is, he is going to increase his followers’ base as a result of his involvement with your NGO and at the same time your organisation will get publicity much sooner than expected and maybe some good donations as well.


Why is this action good for your brand?

Creating awareness

In the past, most NGOs advertised mainly through TV, newspaper and on the radio. Even though these years have passed and the evolution of media has risen, there are still organisations that prefer the traditional way despite the efficiency of social media. With the participation of influencers at your campaigns you achieve the attention you wanted more quickly than the classic way and the relationship you build with your audience is much stronger.

Targeting the right audience

Nowadays, generation Ζ is the one that “dominates” the world which means that old-fashioned advertisements aren’t as effective anymore. Because of their genuine interest about the world, the children, the animals and global peace, it goes without saying they are the ideal audience for your NGO, but they are also influencers’ audience. So, which is the better way to communicate your brand? Creators have the ability to speak in their language, understand them and motivate them to do things that matter to you.


Establish your strategy.

Knowing from the beginning what kind of influencer marketing strategy you will follow, helps you quickly gather the creators you will need for this collaboration and fit in your brand as you will save time to organize the rest of the details. Usually, the most of NGOs arrange their campaigns in the months that are worldwide known for awareness issues. That doesn’t mean if your campaign is running in a different season, it won’t give the results you expect.

Awareness campaign

Work with influencers to produce creative content that shows your audience the purpose of your organization and why their participation is extremely important for you but also for accomplishing your goal(s).

Decision campaign

It is in this part, that the chosen creators start sharing stories about people you have aided and talk about them and as well as how much they have earned from you. This is an interesting type of campaign, because by showing the stories of ordinary people on your social media you gain the trust of the public.

Action Campaign

Another very important campaign type, is the action campaign. Here, influencers through their personal profiles share details about this activation like videos, photos or texts – whatever matches better with their style including a call-to-action in them. This means, a link or an email or an address, anything that can show followers where they can donate, sign up to volunteer or attend an event.

How you can use creators to communicate the purpose of your brand?

Choose wisely

To find the right person to share the purpose of your label and support it as much as you need to, you must first do a little research. Check the influencer’s profile and look if he has ever posted something similar to your topic. Think, if your story can fit natively with the content he produces and publishes. You should also check where he is located and if it matters to you. It is not necessary to target celebrities, but to find people with a genuine interest in your activation/campaign.

Start local

You don’t have to start with something huge! Start gradually. Make a test plan and see how it works. Process the data from the audience interested in your CSR initiatives and use these results to magnify your goal each time.

Approach them

Influencers, hope to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with each organisation or brand they collaborate with. Begin by interacting with them on their profiles in social media and get to know them through their content. Contact them via email is the most common way and at the same time the most discreet, from the point of view that you do not interfere in his privacy by calling him on his mobile. Try to share as much as you can about the brief and always be open to any questions.

Invite them in

Do not hesitate to invite them to your place whether an event is organised in your premises or somewhere else, as this will give them the opportunity to learn more about you and see the way you think and work. It is also a good way to communicate your purpose, to demonstrate your experience in relation to charities and to discuss whether this concept would suit their social media profiles. Don’t forget that someone who is smart and has aesthetically beautiful content is constantly being approached by competitors who are willing to spend as much budget as needed to close a collaboration. So, by showing your interest in them you manage to build a strong mutually beneficial relationship.

Reward them

Keep in mind that nobody will do anything for free, although there can be some exceptions. Each influencer individually, has built his own small “empire” with a well-formed profile and his own loyal audience. So, in order to be introduced to it, you will have to offer him something in exchange. This could be anything! From money, to a package of products that you produce or different “goodies”.

Clearly outline your expectations

They say that repetition is the mother of all learning, which is why we will always say that the whole spirit is hidden in the brief! You have to be as detailed as possible with the concept of your campaign, the deliverables you want, the deadlines. Keep on mind, give them the freedom to create in their own unique way without the useless interventions that delay the action.

In conclusion, although creators have the potential to participate in a campaign and bring the best results, it is important to protect their authenticity as well as yours. So, if you manage to keep the lines between paid ads and organic reach, there is a strong chance you could see tremendous results in awareness-raising campaigns.