If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for ways to boost your brand awareness and your sales. You may be aware that bloggers or influencers have a way to help you on that but you probably don’t know how to find out the ones that suit you best. Should you ask a celebrity to talk about your brand? Should you ask an expert in your industry to post about you? Let’s find out.

1. Set your audience

Decide the target audience for your brand. Make and name your customer persona. Is it a girl at 20s that loves travelling? Is it a man at 30s that loves smart cars and football? The more precise you target the better.

2. What type of bloggers?

Since you know your customer persona try to think what he or she would read on the internet. If she is a girl at 20s that loves travelling she might be reading travel blogs but also fashion blogs with bohemian relaxed style or food blogs with multicultural recipes. So you need a travel blogger, a fashion blogger and food blogger to promote you brand. 
But.. wait, I don’t own a food brand (e.g. restaurant) or a fashion brand (e.g. clothing brand) or a travel brand (e.g. airline company), so how will they promote my product? Well, that’s the key point.

You should find influencers according to your target audience, not necessarily the industry you are in. 

So lets say that your brand is selling backpacks, your customer persona is a girl at 20s that loves travelling and you will contact a fashion, a food and a travel blogger. Let the fashion blogger post one of your backpacks when she will go off for the weekend , the food blogger to post it when she’s cooking an exotic meal and the travel blogger when she’s going to her next adventure.

3. Try Celebrities?

Here comes the often question… “Why should not i find a celebrity to promote my brand?” “If Rihanna wore our backpack we would have gone viral”. Ok thats true. If a celebrity promoted your product you would have much more clicks on your website and some of them would buy, but the cost of that activity would be huge and definitely not targeted. Along with “a girl at 20s that loves travelling” you would have paid for the boys that love football and the “girls that hate travelling and wear only Chanel bags”. So think twice before that.

4. How many of them?

One of the big advantages that bloggers hold is SEO. Yeap, you may have probably hired already an expert for that but bloggers can do it on their own also. Note though that the SEO is increased when bloggers write about you on their blogs also, not only on their social media. So pick at least 4-5 bloggers and ask them to write about your brand within the period of a month. Google will realise that suddenly more people are talking about you and will push you up to its first pages.

5. As long as you ship there?

The last step is to decide the countries of your bloggers. Can an blogger in Italy promote your brand that was launched in USA? The answer is yes BUT, make sure that you ship your products in the country and much better that you have a physical presence there. If none of them exists your new followers won’t convert in sales.