” Why did we start Susurrus? ” is the title for this post but “How bloggers have changed the marketing game forever” would be a great title also.

During the first months of our startup we have been asked many many questions. From VCs to marketeers and journalists many questions have been raised. “How did you came up with this idea?” “Why 4 engineers are suddenly into blogging ?” “Should we pay bloggers? Why?” “Are bloggers that important?” “Why brands can’t contact bloggers on their own?” or just “What the hell r u doing @ Susurrus?” . So in our first blogpost we will shed some light on the problem we are trying to solve.


1. The Brands

Brands nowadays are going more and more digital. E-shops, social media, facebook ads, youtube ads, banners, advertorials, online contests, mail campaigns etc. Digital marketeers are seeking for new ways to make their brands boom digitally, new ways to fill the gap between the production line and the market. Some of them (the upper ones), try to work with bloggers, mostly through PR agencies, or by seeking the right bloggers for them manually, but the process is still non-transparent, time-consuming and expensive.

2. The Bloggers

Bloggers can put some stardust on the service or product of a brand. They use it, embrace it in their lives, take photos of it and write about it. It seems that this “life-adoption feature” is what makes their audience so much emotionally connected with them. Their followers adore their personal style and way of writing and as a result their engagement metrics fly high. So, through their originality bloggers are gaining more and more audience while at the same time digital and print magazines are losing their impact.

3. Susurrus

We had been working on our previous (fashion) startup when we found out that both bloggers and brands needed each other, but collaborations were hard since there wasn’t any effective tool (as a marketplace) that could help them. So, we created Susurrus.

Susurrus is a platform that collects blogs’ and social media data in order to matchmake brands with bloggers, lets brands run blogger campaings and measures the results of them.  Our vision is to accelerate the bloggers’ disruption of advertising market. We give brands a new and easy way of “go to market strategy” and bloggers an extra monetization channel. We want content marketing to replace “spam online ads” in the following years.

When bloggers and brands come together interesting things can happen..