What’s up?

#Cancelinfluencers is trending these days and the marketing world is wondering what’s happening.

Is influencer marketing facing a crisis?

Actually, the act of cancelling in social media is a global trend during the last years. Cancel culture constitutes a form of boycotting, involving a person who appears to have acted or spoken in an unacceptable manner. Some critics argue that cancel culture has a chilling effect on public discourse. Others argue that calls for “cancellation” are themselves a form of free speech.

Should I pause influencer marketing? 

No. Definitely not. But you should be more careful on the selection of the influencers and the timing of their posts.

Avoid working with influencers that are “cancelled” or involved in the cancel culture in any way, because it’s quite possible that their followers will engage with the cancel culture topic & not your brand.

You could work again with them in the future, if you think these influencers still match your brand’s values.


How can my brand avoid get cancelled?

Influencer marketing comes with this risk. If you have worked with an influencer that gets “cancelled” in social media, your brand may get “cancelled” as well. The best way to avoid this, is by making a more careful influencers selection.

Of course, you need an influencer that has loyal followers and matches your target audience, but does this influencer match your values? Is this influencer, maybe, controversial?

Avoid influencers that express hate speech or, according to you, have an unethical behaviour.


What if my influencers get cancelled?

Unfortunately, nowadays, brands don’t have the option to remain silent, when one of their influencers has an unethical behaviour. To decide what to do, you need to look at what your target audience has to say about the situation. There is a rare case of “supporting” the influencer. Τhis usually happens because the influencer has realised the mistake and has apologised publicly about that.

But when it comes to an unethical behaviour and not just a misstatement, you need to make it clear that you are opposed to such behaviour and that the collaboration with this person ends.


How Susurrus helps you

Susurrus constantly updates its influencers database according to the trending issues and makes sure that its influencers haven’t been involved in anything offensive regarding racial justice, women’s rights, immigration, LGBTQ+, climate change, religion, politics or any other sensitive subjects.


To sum up!

In a post-woke world, brands should be conscious and clear about the causes and people they support, as well as their backgrounds, if they don’t meet up to today’s standards.